Introducing Fooladshahr New Town

Company Name: Fooladshahr New Town

New City of Fooladshahr, as the project executor, was established in April of the year and with the approval of the charter in April, started its official activity in the form of a company. It attracted specialized and trained manpower and benefited from the facilities of engineers. Experienced consultants and experienced construction companies have taken major steps to create and build a modern, vibrant city with a major function and role at the regional level.
Fooladshahr New City Civil Company is a state-owned and specialized subsidiary of New City Civil Company, a subsidiary, state-owned, and independent legal entity operating in accordance with the relevant statutes, laws and regulations. The main center of the new city is Fooladshahr.
The field of activity of the company in the field of preparation and implementation of urban and architectural plans, complementary plans and land preparation, construction of buildings, facilities, urban, residential, service, production and economic protection of rights and practices of state ownership of company lands. Within the New City area and their privacy, the operation and operation of facilities established until the tenure of the concerned organizations, directly or through natural and legal persons, the use of engineering, research and consulting services of domestic and foreign natural and legal persons. And other enforcement actions are in accordance with the laws and regulations.